…They're listening.


Distraught after the death of his wife, Alton Graham's life takes a dramatic turn when he believes to have received her guidance from beyond the grave. Desperate and searching, he resigns his position with the Los Angeles Police Department to become the new Chief of Police of Blue Diamond, Texas.
Upon his arrival Alton finds himself in the midst of colorful and eccentric characters that disarm the ex big city detective.  However, there is a dark side  hidden behind the chili cook-offs and ice cream socials, the influence of shadows that tortured Alton's past.
Before Alton arrives, a tragedy has occurred, an  accident has claimed the life of a four-year-old girl.   But is it an accident, or is it homicide?  The girls powerful Grandfather insists his ner' do well son-in-law is the culprit.
During his investigation Alton see's himself in the  young man as he learns of his troubled past.  Alton's determination to uncover the truth and defend the young father, puts him at odds with the powers that be,  jeopardizing his new position as Chief of Police.  
It soon becomes apparent that something wonderful  is happening in Blue Diamond. Heaven's hand orchestrates a series of seemingly ordinary events that bring clarity to Alton's call from the grave, fulfilling a dream his wife will never physically share, but will ever be a part of.

GENRE: Drama/Romance/Fantasy


A Los Angeles detective receives his wife's guidance from beyond the grave leading him to a small Texas town and into the midst of controversy surrounding the death of a young girl.